Kaipola/Banana Cake

Kaipola/Banana Cake I come from the north side of kerala, which is called as Malabar. This area is very well known for its wide variety of snacks. Whenever I have plantains I am tempted to make┬áKaipola or Banana cake. Kaipola is sweet combination of egg and banana. The best part is that the recipe is… Continue reading Kaipola/Banana Cake

Masala French toast

Masala French toast Masala French toast is a Indian version of the popular French toast. Perfect for busy mornings or for a lazy Sunday breakfast. It is a perfect combination of eggs, spices and herbs. This is a simple recipe where bread is dipped in masala egg mixture and toasted in a griddle. I have… Continue reading Masala French toast

Mutta sirka

Mutta sirka Mutta sirka is a rice based fritter fried in oil. This is a special malabar dish made from rice and egg. I often make it with mutton kurma, you can have this with mutton stew/chicken curry/fish curry. Today I am sharing my mother in law’s special mutta sirka in which she add some… Continue reading Mutta sirka