Caramel Flan

Caramel Flan Flan is a popular creamy custard dessert in Spain and all over Latin America, there are many version of it. Caramel Flan is a delicious custard with a layer of soft creamy caramel sauce. With the use of simple ingredients this dessert really makes yummy. All of my favourite recipes are ones that my… Continue reading Caramel Flan

Biscuit Canapes

Biscuit Canapes Biscuit Canapes is a Continental recipe served as a starter or as a snack. This canape is delicious, explodes in the mouth and is packed with flavours. Salted biscuits are used for this recipe. You could change the toppings of Biscuit canapes as per your choice. I have used capsicum, onion and tomato for… Continue reading Biscuit Canapes

Limonada de Coco

  Limonada de Coco Limonada de Coco is a very popular drink in Northern Colombia. This can also be called Coconut milk lemonade. Lime combined with coconut milk make for an interesting and delicious combination of flavours. This lemonade is perfect for a summer party. Sip and enjoy! Recipe type: Drinks          … Continue reading Limonada de Coco

Sweet corn creamy salad

Sweet corn creamy salad Today I am here with a very simple creamy salad recipe which was introduced to me by my sister. This salad is crunchy, juicy and creamy all at the same time. This dish works great as a snack or as a colourful side dish to brighten up your meal. Sweet corn… Continue reading Sweet corn creamy salad