Phirni Phirni is a classic Indian dessert that is served on festive occassions. It is a common preparation in most Punjabi households. Phirni is traditionally served in small earthernware bowls called as ‘Shikoras’. Basmati rice is preffered to make Phirni. It is best served chilled. This chilled rice pudding flavoured with rose water is the perfect… Continue reading Phirni


Rasmalai Hello! Hope you’re all doing well. Get set to prepare a Bengali delight right in your own kitchen. Rasmalai is a Bengali delicacy made with cottage cheese. It is a popular Indian dessert rich in milk. Today  I am here with a quick and instant version of Rasmalai using milk powder. Rasmalai is a royal… Continue reading Rasmalai

Chocolate Coffee mousse

Chocolate Coffee mousse Chocolate and Coffee were just meant to one another. Chocolate Coffee mousse is for those who love the rich aroma of chocolate and coffee. This is also quite easy to make. I haven’t used any setting agent in this recipe, this makes the dessert creamy in texture. I have used milk chocolate for the… Continue reading Chocolate Coffee mousse

Pineapple biscuit pudding

Pineapple biscuit pudding Some of my viewers have been asking for pudding recipes. So I finally decided to blog one of my favourite pineapple biscuit pudding. This was the first pudding that I have tried on my school days. This pudding is really easy to make and a party favourite. It has four layers, each… Continue reading Pineapple biscuit pudding

Rava ladoo

Rava ladoo Rava ladoo is a traditional Indian sweet suitable for all occasions and festivals. This is quick snack that is made with only a few ingredients like semolina(rava), coconut, sugar, nuts and ghee. The addition of fresh coconut add a very good aroma to the ladoo. You can also add desicated coconut  instead. I… Continue reading Rava ladoo

Mango mousse

Mango mousse Desserts are usually tasty and the best ones are the ones that we can make it quickly. Mango mousse are quick and easy dessert to serve in parties. All you need is very few ingredients such as mango, whipping cream and sugar. Summer is the season of mangoes, try making these mango mousse.… Continue reading Mango mousse

Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka

Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka Banana sago kheer is a traditional and authentic malabar delight. It is commonly prepared during Ramadan. I learned this recipe from my mom. Combination of plantain(yethakka or nenthra pazham) and thick coconut milk really makes this recipe healthy and yummy. This dessert tastes really delicious with all goodness of coconut milk. I… Continue reading Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka