Limonada de Coco

  Limonada de Coco Limonada de Coco is a very popular drink in Northern Colombia. This can also be called Coconut milk lemonade. Lime combined with coconut milk make for an interesting and delicious combination of flavours. This lemonade is perfect for a summer party. Sip and enjoy! Recipe type: Drinks          … Continue reading Limonada de Coco

Milk Qahwa

Milk Qahwa The word qahwa simply means coffee in Arabic. Qahwa is basically an Arabian drink and it is very popular in Pakistan as well. It is also a popular breakfast beverage amoung kashmiris. Qahwa is offered at most social events like weddings and parties. There are many variation in Arabic Qahwa. It can be… Continue reading Milk Qahwa

Dry fruit & nut smoothie

Dry fruit & nut smoothie Dry fruit and nut smoothie is a delightful drink which is very healthy and nutritious. This is a perfect breakfast smoothie option. It is an ideal drink for growing kids too. This smoothie keeps you full for hours. It is definitely true that including fruit and nuts in your meal can… Continue reading Dry fruit & nut smoothie

Cucumber milk cooler

Cucumber milk cooler Cucumber milk cooler is a perfect drink to beat the summer heat. This recipe is quick, easy, refreshing and flavourful. Cucumbers have a high content of water, it keeps you hydrated. English cucumbers are best for this recipe. Cucumber milk cooler really makes a very refreshing drink. Quench your thirst in a… Continue reading Cucumber milk cooler

Apple fig smoothie

Apple fig smoothie Apple, fig and dates make for a beautiful combination of flavors that is the perfect way to start a day! Figs are high in fiber and good source of several essential minerals and vitamins. The nutritional value of figs increases when they are dried. Here I am using dried fig for the… Continue reading Apple fig smoothie

Badam milk

Badam milk Badam or almond milk is one of the most nutritious drink for all age groups. It is very healthy drink that provides energy and rejuvenates your body. Almonds are packed with important nourishment. They increase the magnesium,potassium and vitamin E in your daily diet. This drink is delicately flavored with cardamom and nuts… Continue reading Badam milk

Rose milk shake

Rose milk shake Here is another quenching drink for beating the summer heat. Rose milk is a flavored drink made with rose syrup,milk and sabja seeds. Sabja seeds are known for its cooling properties and are good for your skin,hair and aids digestion.This is an easy milk recipe that you can even make during Ramadan.… Continue reading Rose milk shake