Jalapeno Chicken Tikka

Jalapeno Chicken Tikka Chicken Tikka is one of the most popular chicken starter or appetizer from Indian cuisine. It is a cube of chicken that is marinated in spiced yogurt mixture and grilled in a pan.Today I am here with Jalapeno Chicken Tikka in which a slice of jalapeno and onion are thread onto the small skewers… Continue reading Jalapeno Chicken Tikka

Hariyali Chicken Tikka

Hariyali Chicken Tikka Hariyali Chicken Tikka is one of the famous Indian Kabab. Boneless chicken pieces are marinated in the mixture of curd, mint and coriander leaves and grilled in pan. The flavours and fragrance of rich green leaves inculcates the aroma on this dish. They taste so delicious and it is really easy to prepare.… Continue reading Hariyali Chicken Tikka

Chicken Mutabak rice

Chicken Mutabak rice Hello my lovely readers!! Today I am here with an Arabian dish Chicken Mutabak rice. This is one of the easy version of Arabian rices. Chicken Mutabak rice is a fragrant and lightly spiced dish from Arabia. These rice are not spicy as in hot but spicy as in fragrant. The meat is cooked… Continue reading Chicken Mutabak rice

Hyderabadi chicken biriyani

Hyderabadi chicken biriyani Biriyani is always special to me. I cannot forget the chicken biriyani that I had in Hyderabad few years back, it was fabulous. This inspired me to cook and blog Hyderabadi biriyani recipe today. Hyderabadi biriyani is so well- known in India that it doesn’t need any introduction. It is popular not… Continue reading Hyderabadi chicken biriyani

Chicken bonda

Chicken bonda Bonda is a popular South Indian snack and a street food. It can be made in several ways, this one is an easy version with chicken and potato. Chicken bonda is a deep fried savory snack which is crispy outside and soft inside. This is a perfect snack which can be served with… Continue reading Chicken bonda

Erachi cake/Meat masala cake

Erachi cake/Meat masala cake Erachi cake is one of the delicious iftar dish from Malabar. This is very simple recipe and absolutely easy to put together. I have used beef to make meat masala. You can also prepare it with chicken or mutton. I  often make this spicy masala cake, because this is my hubby’s… Continue reading Erachi cake/Meat masala cake

Tandoori Chicken in pan

Tandoori Chicken in pan Tandoori Chicken is always a great starter for any parties. Because it is super delicious! This is usually made with bone-in thighs and leg pieces of the chicken. The tandoori recipe which I have for you here today can be made even without tandoor or oven. You just need a pan and… Continue reading Tandoori Chicken in pan