Bread pockets

Bread pockets Bread pockets are quick and easy snack with fried bread slices filled with your favourite stuffings. Here I used chicken along with some veggies and mayyonaise. This pocket is crunchy outside and creamy inside. These make for a good starter at parties. Do try it. Recipe type: Snacks            … Continue reading Bread pockets

Garlic bread

Garlic bread Garlic bread is typically served as appetizers or starter before a meal. It is always great with pastas. But they also taste good with tea or coffee.This is one of the easiest and yummiest recipe. The aroma of garlic and butter makes it delicious. Let’s try! Recipe type: Starter,Snacks          … Continue reading Garlic bread

Biscuit Canapes

Biscuit Canapes Biscuit Canapes is a Continental recipe served as a starter or as a snack. This canape is delicious, explodes in the mouth and is packed with flavours. Salted biscuits are used for this recipe. You could change the toppings of Biscuit canapes as per your choice. I have used capsicum, onion and tomato for… Continue reading Biscuit Canapes

Spicy Potato fries

Spicy Potato fries Most of them are fond of potatoes. We can try something else with potato rather than just adding them in our common curries. Today I am here with simple, easy and tasty Spicy Potato fries. Spicy potato fries is very easy to prepare and makes a Indian meal special. You can even serve… Continue reading Spicy Potato fries

Kaipola/Banana Cake

Kaipola/Banana Cake I come from the north side of kerala, which is called as Malabar. This area is very well known for its wide variety of snacks. Whenever I have plantains I am tempted to make Kaipola or Banana cake. Kaipola is sweet combination of egg and banana. The best part is that the recipe is… Continue reading Kaipola/Banana Cake

Marble Cake

Marble Cake Marble Cake is a spongy cake with the rich and delicious aroma of vanilla and chocolate. It is moist, fluffy and tasty too. You can pack it in your kids snack box for a sweet delight. This pretty cake is a combination of vanilla and chocolate batters that are swirled together just before baking… Continue reading Marble Cake

Schezwan Grilled Sandwich

Schezwan Grilled Sandwich Looking for a vegetable delight? Try this Schezwan Grilled Sandwich recipe which is really delicious. Grilled bread slices loaded with cheese and veggies. This sandwich is one of the most easiest and quick sandwich recipe to make. These can be made for breakfast, brunch or snack and are quite filling. Schezwan sauce is the… Continue reading Schezwan Grilled Sandwich