Chocolate Ganache Cake

Chocolate Ganache Cake It was my hubby’s birthday and I thought of making a cake with strong chocolate flavour. This dense cake offers an intense chocolate experience. This super soft moist cake is very simple to make. I had already  prepared basic chocolate cake yesterday, so today for assembling the cake the only thing that… Continue reading Chocolate Ganache Cake

Pista Falooda

Pista Falooda Falooda is one of the best layered dessert that has its origin in Iran. The basic falooda recipe has milk, rose syrup, falooda sev and sabja seeds. But today I am sharing simple Pista Falooda recipe. Indian falooda recipe has evolved into various flavours like pista, mango, chocolate etc. Falooda is very easy to make… Continue reading Pista Falooda

Green chutney

Green chutney Green chutney is a simple dip made from coriander and mint leaves. This chutney can be used to spice up and flavour your chaat and can be used as a sandwich spread, for salads, vadapavs, veg samosas and even veg cutlets. Recipe type: Dip                  … Continue reading Green chutney

Meen orotti

Meen orotti Meen Orotti is a traditional dish from Malabar. Today I take you to North Kerala, the so called Malabar region where you are once again going to savor the richness and goodness of authentic Malabar food Meen Orotti.  You can use any fish of your choice, I have used prawns for the prepartion of… Continue reading Meen orotti

Pineapple biscuit pudding

Pineapple biscuit pudding Some of my viewers have been asking for pudding recipes. So I finally decided to blog one of my favourite pineapple biscuit pudding. This was the first pudding that I have tried on my school days. This pudding is really easy to make and a party favourite. It has four layers, each… Continue reading Pineapple biscuit pudding