Kaipola/Banana Cake

Kaipola/Banana Cake I come from the north side of kerala, which is called as Malabar. This area is very well known for its wide variety of snacks. Whenever I have plantains I am tempted to make Kaipola or Banana cake. Kaipola is sweet combination of egg and banana. The best part is that the recipe is… Continue reading Kaipola/Banana Cake

Marble Cake

Marble Cake Marble Cake is a spongy cake with the rich and delicious aroma of vanilla and chocolate. It is moist, fluffy and tasty too. You can pack it in your kids snack box for a sweet delight. This pretty cake is a combination of vanilla and chocolate batters that are swirled together just before baking… Continue reading Marble Cake

Schezwan Grilled Sandwich

Schezwan Grilled Sandwich Looking for a vegetable delight? Try this Schezwan Grilled Sandwich recipe which is really delicious. Grilled bread slices loaded with cheese and veggies. This sandwich is one of the most easiest and quick sandwich recipe to make. These can be made for breakfast, brunch or snack and are quite filling. Schezwan sauce is the… Continue reading Schezwan Grilled Sandwich


Rasmalai Hello! Hope you’re all doing well. Get set to prepare a Bengali delight right in your own kitchen. Rasmalai is a Bengali delicacy made with cottage cheese. It is a popular Indian dessert rich in milk. Today  I am here with a quick and instant version of Rasmalai using milk powder. Rasmalai is a royal… Continue reading Rasmalai

Milk Qahwa

Milk Qahwa The word qahwa simply means coffee in Arabic. Qahwa is basically an Arabian drink and it is very popular in Pakistan as well. It is also a popular breakfast beverage amoung kashmiris. Qahwa is offered at most social events like weddings and parties. There are many variation in Arabic Qahwa. It can be… Continue reading Milk Qahwa

Masala French toast

Masala French toast Masala French toast is a Indian version of the popular French toast. Perfect for busy mornings or for a lazy Sunday breakfast. It is a perfect combination of eggs, spices and herbs. This is a simple recipe where bread is dipped in masala egg mixture and toasted in a griddle. I have… Continue reading Masala French toast

Dry fruit & nut smoothie

Dry fruit & nut smoothie Dry fruit and nut smoothie is a delightful drink which is very healthy and nutritious. This is a perfect breakfast smoothie option. It is an ideal drink for growing kids too. This smoothie keeps you full for hours. It is definitely true that including fruit and nuts in your meal can… Continue reading Dry fruit & nut smoothie