Prawn kannappam/Steamed prawn rice cake

Prawn kannappam/Steamed prawn rice cake Kannappam is one of the easy and delicious dish from malabar. This can be served as a snack or dinner. As the name indicates I am using prawn fillings. You can even choose your favourite chicken or beef fillings. The spicy masala compliments the plain rice batter and makes it delicious.… Continue reading Prawn kannappam/Steamed prawn rice cake

Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka

Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka Banana sago kheer is a traditional and authentic malabar delight. It is commonly prepared during Ramadan. I learned this recipe from my mom. Combination of plantain(yethakka or nenthra pazham) and thick coconut milk really makes this recipe healthy and yummy. This dessert tastes really delicious with all goodness of coconut milk. I… Continue reading Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka

Potato cheese nuggets

Potato cheese nuggets Potato cheese nugget is a mouth melting snack made with boiled potatoes and cheese. You can deep fry it or air fry it using an airfryer and they will taste delicious with your favourite dip. I am serving this with my favourite Chilly mayonnaise that I have shared the recipe before. These make a great… Continue reading Potato cheese nuggets

Chilly mayonnaise

Chilly mayonnaise Here’s a super easy way to make chilli mayonnaise dipping sauce. It literally only takes 5 minutes to make this sauce. You can use this dip for almost any appetizer. I prefer it with my Potato cheese nuggets. Ingredients 4 tbsp mayonnaise 1 tbsp tomato ketchup 1 tsp redchilly flackes 1 tsp coriander… Continue reading Chilly mayonnaise

Rose milk shake

Rose milk shake Here is another quenching drink for beating the summer heat. Rose milk is a flavored drink made with rose syrup,milk and sabja seeds. Sabja seeds are known for its cooling properties and are good for your skin,hair and aids digestion.This is an easy milk recipe that you can even make during Ramadan.… Continue reading Rose milk shake

Banana nutella smoothie

  Banana nutella smoothie Here is a healthy rich smoothie that you can have during Ramadan after breaking the fast or on any day for breakfast. Banana nutella smoothie is the perfect drink for kids and grownups alike. Recipe type: Drink Serves : 2 Ingredients 2 Bananas 3 tbsp nutella 1 cup milk 1 tsp… Continue reading Banana nutella smoothie