Chicken Pan Pizza

Chicken Pan Pizza Now, you can make mouth watering pizzas at home, even if you do not have a convenction or microwave oven. All you need is a nonstick pan. Pizzas can be easily served for lunch or dinner and even as snacks for kids. This is  a simple chicken pizza with only four basic… Continue reading Chicken Pan Pizza

Eggless garlic mayyonaise

Eggless garlic mayyonaise Mayyonaise is an all time favourite dip amoung kids and adults. Typically mayyonaise recipe is  prepared with egg yolk and oil, but this recipe is an eggless recipe and is prepared  with milk. I have added garlic to this mayyonaise to get a creamy garlic flavor. Recipe type: Dip Serves: 1 bowl… Continue reading Eggless garlic mayyonaise

Mango mousse

Mango mousse Desserts are usually tasty and the best ones are the ones that we can make it quickly. Mango mousse are quick and easy dessert to serve in parties. All you need is very few ingredients such as mango, whipping cream and sugar. Summer is the season of mangoes, try making these mango mousse.… Continue reading Mango mousse

Apple fig smoothie

Apple fig smoothie Apple, fig and dates make for a beautiful combination of flavors that is the perfect way to start a day! Figs are high in fiber and good source of several essential minerals and vitamins. The nutritional value of figs increases when they are dried. Here I am using dried fig for the… Continue reading Apple fig smoothie

Badam milk

Badam milk Badam or almond milk is one of the most nutritious drink for all age groups. It is very healthy drink that provides energy and rejuvenates your body. Almonds are packed with important nourishment. They increase the magnesium,potassium and vitamin E in your daily diet. This drink is delicately flavored with cardamom and nuts… Continue reading Badam milk

Prawn kannappam/Steamed prawn rice cake

Prawn kannappam/Steamed prawn rice cake Kannappam is one of the easy and delicious dish from malabar. This can be served as a snack or dinner. As the name indicates I am using prawn fillings. You can even choose your favourite chicken or beef fillings. The spicy masala compliments the plain rice batter and makes it delicious.… Continue reading Prawn kannappam/Steamed prawn rice cake

Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka

Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka Banana sago kheer is a traditional and authentic malabar delight. It is commonly prepared during Ramadan. I learned this recipe from my mom. Combination of plantain(yethakka or nenthra pazham) and thick coconut milk really makes this recipe healthy and yummy. This dessert tastes really delicious with all goodness of coconut milk. I… Continue reading Banana sago kheer/Paalvazhaka